Phone: 262-372-1358
Address: N64W22480 Main Street Sussex WI, 53089
Brochure: Session Cost: Less than $100
Length of Session: One Week
Camp Type: Day Camp
Age of Campers: 5 - 17

Heat Athletics offers a number of weekly summer camps from June – August.

Tumbling Camps: These camps will provide a motivating atmosphere to work on new tumbling skills. New skills and improvements throughout the camps will be posted on the wall and awards will be given. This is a fun way to work on perfecting technique and important fundamentals of tumbling as well as learn and accomplish new skills.At times throughout the camps very specific groups will be broken down to work on specific skills so each athlete gets the opportunity to focus on specific goals. As indicated above, the level 1-2 sessions are for athlete’s working towards their back handsprings. Athlete’s attending the level 3-5 sessions must have a round off back handspring and standing back handspring.

Top Girl Camps: This camp is designed to teach the correct technique and posture required to be a top girl. Drills and conditioning specifically for top girls will also take place at this camp and can be used beyond camp to continue to improve their flying ability. Some of the most talented bases and back spots within our program will be at this camp to stunt with the top girls and allow the top girls to try new skills in a safe environment. This camp is highly recommended for current top girls or those who would like to learn how to become one!

Stunt Camps: Stunt camps are a great chance for athletes to gain knowledge and learn proper technique to perfect stunts they have seen or done before. New, creative, and higher difficulty stunts will also be worked on, based on athlete’s prior experience. Athletes can attend with their school team stunt group, or as an individual. We will have athlete’s work together on stunting, as well as with an instructor in their group.

Cheer Boot Camp: This camp includes: Jumps, flexibility, strength and conditioning. This four-day “boot camp” style camp will challenge athletes to reach their physical potential. These skills are often overlooked in cheerleading, yet are extremely important to become an all-around skilled athlete. Athletes will learn conditioning exercises that they can continue to do after camp. Drills specifically geared towards higher jumps and better flexibility will also be learned. A great camp to assist athletes just starting out on a team, or working to take their skills to the next level!

Tumbling for Dancers Camp: This camp will be geared towards the acrobatic skills dancers are needed to learn for the dance world. They will work on cartwheels, round-offs, aerials, front walkovers, back walkovers, and back handsprings. Athletes will also have the opportunity to work dance lifts, if they so desire.

Cheer 101 Camp: This camp has been an athlete favorite, since the beginning of our program in 2004. Athletes are provided instruction on stunting, tumbling, dance, jumps, flexibility, and strength. They also have themed spirit days and learn fun games. A performance will be done the last 30 minutes on Thursday.

Minis Camp (Ages 5-8): This camp is a perfect introduction to cheerleading for young athletes, 8 and under. It is just two hours long each day to ensure they do not get too overwhelmed, while maximizing their learning capacity. They will be taught basic tumbling and stunting skills, motions, including a short dance, and the fundamentals of jumps and flexibility. The activities and stations included will focus on basic and fine motor skills. This is a great opportunity for kids to get a taste of cheerleading, without a major commitment.


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